Mastra solar-wind pumping systems

Category: Mastra submersible pumps, solar-wind pumping syste
The above mentioned stuffs are manufactured as a complete unit depends on the pumps flow and power rates. To operate the pump, it is important to select and operate suitable renewable energy system with applicable power rate and recommended controller regards to the pumps power rate. The renewable energy pumps are different from the regular submersible pumps which can be operated by the AC

United Power Generators

Category: Generators
United Power Technology Group is one of the biggest electric generator manufacture in China exporting to over 45 different countries including Europe and North America. From 2008, sales has been extremely well putting the company one of the top 10 electric generator manufacture in China.
Pressure and other types of vacuum pumps

Pressure controllers

Category: Water pumps
PS-01, PS-01A, PS-01B, PS-01C, PS-01D Pressure controllers are designed to prevent the pump from dry running which is the main problem to the jet pumps with pressure tank and other accessories. However, if there is a leakage in the pipeline, it can alleviate the water pump start too frequently. The working principles and applications of the pressure controllers are all the same but the
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