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    “Erdene-Ekh” has been the comprehensive supplier of quality products and parts as well as the maintenance services for residential and commercial water wells for 11 years since the company was founded in 2003 with the mission of providing prompt and customer-satisfied services. Our priority has been to provide safe and environment friendly services at the most opportune moments of our valued customers.

    Our main business activities:
    - Supply all the water-oriented products like: submersible and other types of pumps, water meters, water treatment products, drill bits and parts, water tanks etc.
    - Professional water well maintenance service

    “Erdene-Ekh” LLC has been continuously widening its external relations with the world famous manufacturers. As an authorized distributor, we has been exerting great efforts to supply durable and high quality products and services that:
    - Met the unique conditions of the Mongolian climate
    - Granted international and regional standard certificates
    - Produced with the innovative technologies and improvements

    Through our sincere and experienced employees who are capable of responding flexibly to customer unique needs, our company is willing to stay tuned with the most recent innovation and development of the technology and offering the best of the quality.

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