» Instruction of submersible pump and generators

    Instruction of submersible pump and generators

    1. Requirements of the borehole

    - To install the submersible pump, the borehole should be drilled in good shape and air lifted properly. The alien element included in well water should not be exceeded 0.3%. if the borehole is not air lifted well and contains lots of sand, the impeller of the pump can be easily worn out and damaged.
    - The yield of the well should be more than biggest flow volume of the pump. If not, the motor of the pump is to be burned-out because of failure in coolant.
    - The casing should be installed on the borehole to equip with pump and other accessories.

    2. Select a pump

    - Selection of a pump should be made according to the static and dynamic level of the well water, location of the casings, diameter of the borehole and the customer’s usage of the water supplied from the well. With the above information, the customer is able to choose the pump which really match his/her own need. Therefore, it supports them with extension of the lifetime of the pump and reduction of the cost for the related stuffs.
    - According to the depth to install the pump, the quantity of the follow-up accessories is to be changed. On other words, it has impact on selection of electric cables and diameter of the water pipes.

    3. Selection of the pipes

    The water pipes can be made of plastic and steel. The plastic pipes are antirust and easy to install so the services are provided with lower cost. But the pumps have capacity over 10tn make vibrations down the hole so connecting them with plastic pipes is not safe. Thus, the steel pipes are used in that term. Selection of the pipes should be made according to the flow volume of the pumps. If the customer choose too narrow pipes, it may affect on the pumps operation seriously.

    4. Select a cable

    - In accordance with reference from the factory, the cable should be water and heat resistant to support the constant operation of the electric load (Table 1). Mostly failure of the cable selection affects pump productivity strongly. At that point, the pump can be out of service or does not work with full capacity.
    - If the distance between the pump and generator is too far, the cable must be selected to increase the reactance and the motor’s reactance must be more than 5 megom.

    5. Assemble a pump

    - The pump should be assembled by only professional staffs under the regulations related to the safety and standards.
    - To install the pump into the borehole, check contaminations left in the hole.
    - To open the carton box at the proper place then check the pump and its electric wire.
    - To check the core of the pump rotates free. The pump consists of two parts as an impeller and motor. For the long pumps, the two parts should be transported separately to avoid any damages. After assembled the parts, the bolts should be tightened.
    - Every phase of the cable should be checked by the volt meter with the range of 500-1000. At that time, check the reactance of pump motor not the reactance of cable.
    - There is some fluid tank cap on the pump motor and it be closed and tightened. If any leakage happens, contact to the company and repair the breaks.
    - To connect the electric cable to the cable based on the pump, the cable should be wrapped water resistant tape properly as instructed in Appendix 2. The cable cords should be clean and dry and if the cables are not wrapped well, it may cause burn-out damage to the pump.
    - The pump does not work if the electric cables are not connected as instructed.
    - In times of installing small size pumps, fasten the pumps with 4-6mm ropes and it can be used as doubled to ensure the safety manners.
    - If steel pipes used for installing the big submersible pumps, the pipes are to be connected with dedicated connectors. This kind of installation works should be provided by professional crew to prevent any accident.
    - The cable should be wrapped through the water pipes with every 3 meters to prevent any damages.
    - Tightens the joints and connectors of the water pipe.
    - Before put the pump into the hole, check out if the pump works properly. The pump can be checked in water tank or work without water for up to 4 seconds.
    - During the pump installation, to prevent any damages on the electric cables and put the pump down with ropes
    - Installing the pump above the filter location is good for the pump cooling process. If the dynamic level of the borehole water is located under the filter, the pump can be installed under the filter with at least 5 meter distance from the bottom of the borehole. If the air lifting is not done properly, put round cover on pump filter to protect from the blockage with contaminations.
    - Fasten the pump from the well cover after put the pump into the borehole.
    - If water temperature is more than 40 degree of Celsius, the working hours of the pump should be reduced.
    - The pump should be installed at least 1 meter down from the dynamic level of the water. - The yield of the well should be more than biggest flow volume of the pump. If not, the motor of the pump is to be burned-out because of failure in coolant.
    - Non- returning flapper is installed in the pump so the users do not have to install the flapper on the pipeline. But the flapper can temporary removed in winter times if the pipeline does not have heating system.
    - The control box of the pump is to switch the pump on and off and has amplifier, condenser and lightning rods

    Instruction to operate the submersible pump

    - After check the motor amperage, press the red button on the control box to start pumping. If the pump works properly, run the pump till the pure water comes out well. If the pump works with 380kW and it supplies water lower than its technical specifications, the phases should be changed. At that point, turn off the electricity firstly and then change the phases.
    - Check out if the pump is vibrating and clumping the water
    - Check the pump’s electric current is within 0.7-0.12A and if it exceeds over it, the pump will be damaged.
    - Pumping operation should be immediately stopped if followings happen during the operation:
    - Making any sounds
    - Working without water
    - Working uneven



    “Erdenedrilling” LLC provides 6 months warranty on the QJD submersible pumps produced in the Frog factory and 12 months damage coverage to the SP pumps. With normal and correct usage, the pumps are able to run over 10 years. We will support our customers with after-sales services with the service fee even after the warranty period. .

    Instructions of the generators

    Turn on the generators

    1. Check the turn-off button is on black.
    2. Switch on the fuel cock.
    3. Close the air inlet and push and open it again after the generator starts
    4. Put the power switch on and use the electricity.

    Turn off the generators

    1. Put the power switch off.
    2. Put the turn-off button on red and turn off the fuel cock.

    Check engine oil

    To change engine oil, turn off the generator and place it on even ground.
    1. Take out oil ruler and clean it out.
    2. Insert back the oil ruler without any rotations.
    3. Check the oil level on the ruler.
    4. If the level is low, refill it.
    5. Put back the ruler properly.
    The serious damages may occur to the engine because of low oil level.
    Even the oil pressure alarm system stop the device in times of low oil level, it is necessary to check the oil quantity before start the set.

    Change engine oil

    Discharging machinery oil should be carried out when the engine is hot.
    1. After place a suitable pot under the engine to discharge to used oil, take off the drain plug and cleaner
    2. After discharged oil completely, put drain plug and cleaner and tighten oil filler cap properly.
    3. On the even ground, refill the oil with recommended level.
    4. Put back the oil ruler.
    5. Please throw oil in the proper environment area or give to the solid trash collecting center or to the place where reuse the oil.
    The fuel grade should be 86 or more.
    Do not use poor quality fuel or oil. Pat attention to prevent fuel tank from the contaminations and water.

    Refill the fuel

    After the set completely stopped, take off the fuel tank cap and check the fuel level. If the set was run out of fuel, refill it again to the level lower 1” or 25mm from the cap. Do not overfill the fuel tank and put and properly tighten the tank cap after refill.
    Caution: the gasoline is the explosive and flammable element. So serious injuries may occur when you perform with them:
    - Turn off the engine and be careful of any sparks or fire hazard
    - Never operate the set with fuel inside.
    - Wipe it away if fuel is spilled.
    Never operate or refill the set indoors and keep away from the things like electric lights, gas oven and any electric devices. The spilled fuel is very hazardous to the environment.
    The metal-grinding sound can be out from the set when it works with high loading. If yes, do not worry but there is need to put the better grade fuel when the sound comes out with the normal operation. It can be some damages happened to the engine if the sound is not gone even changed the fuel grade. The air inlet should be closed the set is cold and can be open if restart the generator.

    1. Service more frequently when used in dusty areas.
    2. Our service team able to provide necessary maintenance services if you are skilled or out of dedicated tools.

    Check and clean air filter

    If the air filter cleaning is not made in scheduled time, the engine output will be reduced because of low air inlet. In very dusty conditions, the cleaning services should be provided in more frequently.
    The set engine will overheat when the set is in operation with dirty or damaged air filters. If such actions caused any damages to the generator set, the damages will not be covered by the warranty from the company.


    The generators are sold with the 3 month warranty but any services will be provided with the fee if the damage caused by customer’s fault.

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