» Maintenance for deep water well

    Maintenance for deep water well

    Our professional crews provide following repair and maintenance services:

    1. Installation services of the submersible pumps sold from our trade center
    2. Determine the problems and damages occurred to the deactivated or malfunctioned pumps
    3. Replace the damaged motor
    4. Thaw the frozen wells
    5. Give a advices about problem may occurred in the water well and suggest the positive ways to solve the errors

    The pumps will be sold with the 6 months warranty. According to the customer request, our crew will provide installation services if so the warranty period extends to a year (1 year).

    The maintenance crew consists of experienced engineers who attend in consistent occupational and OSHE trainings as well as all the services are provided with necessary equipment and tools.

    The customers’ service requests are to be received at phone No. 91884411 and the relevant services to be provided within 1-2 business days.

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